Stay Fit and Get The Body You Want During At Stay Home Orders

As the local gyms have all ended up closing due to the current Covid-19 epidemic, it has left many men wondering where to go for workouts or what to do.  Even though gyms are closed it doesn’t mean that you should give up getting or keeping your summer body, it just means finding creative ways to keep your body looking good.


Cardio, Cardio, and More Cardio

Cardio is an essential exercise that helps build up your endurance for many exercises.  Several ways to get really good cardio workouts is as simple as going for a good 30-minute run around your neighborhood. If your endurance is above then add speed workouts after your long runs. A good simple speed workout can involve sprinting 100 meters or 50 meters.  Every time you sprint make sure to finish 100 meters at 16 seconds and 50 meters at 8 to 10 seconds. Just make sure to keep your resting time to strictly 30 seconds only, to keep your heart rate up. If you know a place that has stairs, then consider having a workout by running up and down which is equivalent to a sprint workout and it helps build your leg muscles.


Another exercise that helps your endurance if you don’t feel like going for a long run would be going for a bike ride. If you plan on going for a bike ride make sure to double what you would normally run to get the same exercise you would get running.  For example if you normally run for 30 minutes, your bike ride would be an hour. Just make sure to time yourself on your ride and at every 10 to 15 minutes make sure to increase speed for a minute to get the heart beating.


Ab Workouts To Get Washboard Abs

There isn’t a right or wrong workout for abs, as long as you have creative ideas to keep your workouts new each day there is an endless of different workouts. A good workout for your abs are 10 leg raises, 10 leg raised circles, 10 scissors, 20 flutter kicks, 8 long arm crunches, 8 knee crunches, 10 side planks with rotation, 10 side bridges, and 12 plank arm lifts.  For this ab workout, depending on where your body endurance is at, you can do 3 sets, 5 sets, or 7 sets with a 3 minute rest in between each set. There is endess of choices for ab workouts to choose from.


If you’re running constantly everyday and don’t want to do a full set of different ab workouts, then just do 3 sets of 15 to 20 sit ups, 15 to 20 ab twists, 15 to 20 scissors, and a full minute for planks.  This is a small ab workout, but it helps keep your core strong and by being consistent you will start seeing results.


Chest Workouts

In terms of chest, you can never go wrong with getting a push up workout if you don’t have weights or a machine.  There are different methods of doing push ups, for this workout you do 10 wide push ups, 10 close hand push ups, 8 decline push ups, 10 regular push ups, 15 incline push ups, and 20 second push ups.  For this workout you will want to do at least 4 sets of this workout to get the workout you want.


With these home workouts, these will help you get through the upcoming weeks if you don’t have the equipment or weights to workout like you did back when the gyms were opened. Working out at home, even starting today, will help you get in shape, stay healthy, and get you ready for summer and to cope with staying at home.


There are also plenty of at home workout videos you can search and follow their routine each day. One trainer that is highly recommended to follow their workouts is Chris Heria.  He has a huge portion of videos that are designed to get you in shape without having to use the big machines or weights. Just remember it’s all a process and stick to the goal of staying in your best shape you can be.


-By Ulises Rodriguez





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